06 August 2008

Astronaut Buzz

It's kind of sad that the only times I've paid attention to NASA since the Columbia Shuttle exploded in 2003 (which led me to wonder if there were any Columbia Shuttle conspiracies which led me to this gem) is the diaper murderer thing. But recently NASA has made it back into the news in the form of former Astronaut and sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, and the interview in which he exposes his and NASA's knowledge of extra terrestrials (he even has his own website). The blogs have been buzzing.

Typically I don't care much for extra terrestrial theories, and if you check out the YouTube page for the guy who made the Columbia conspiracy video, you will understand why. Unlike certain 9/11, JFK, New World Order, etc etc, conpiracists, these guys are so crazy that you can't even pretend to take them seriously, and then it's just no fun. But, for those of you who are interested here's a video with the interview.

It has some funny captions and typical extra terrestrial imagery, but is really pretty boring. There's also a recording of the same guys calling NASA, who apparently wasn't aware that this was going on at all. I can't find any official response from NASA, and there's a rumor that the whole thing is a big media hoax, which is pretty funny, but I doubt it, considering how boring this is compared to all the other possible hoaxes out there. It would explain why Mitchell's personal site doesn't have any content about aliens, though there is a bunch of new-agey cosmic weirdness that's kind of funny. Mostly it just seems like he's an old guy who lost his marbles.

Better luck next time.

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