06 February 2009

Bishop is Holocaust Denier

I read in the Times the other day that the new Pope, Benedict XVI, formerly Ratzinger, who is German (thought he was something else, like Polish?) un-excommunicated four ultra conservative Catholic Bishops from the Society of St. Pius X, including Richard Williamson, an English Holocaust denier.

I've come across plenty of Holocaust denial videos on youtube, as well as websites, and it always seemed so incredible to me that these people exist, but I guess the more ridiculous something sounds, the more likely it is that it exists somewhere. But it's frightening that someone with actual power and authority would be susceptible to this seemingly pointless strain of thought.

The Pope is trying to force Williamson to recant any statements denying the Holocaust, but this has already turned into a doozy of a political problem for the Vatican II. Apparently the whole raison d'etre for the Society of St. Pius X is that they disagree with the liberalizing reforms of Vatican II, especially a document that absolves contemporary Jews of the responsibility for killing Christ, so well, yeah, I guess there's your problem. The Pope un-excommunicated them with the hope of fixing a break in the Church. Probably should have done some research first.

I guess some Holocaust deniers claim that a Zionist conpsiracy is responsible for inflating the number of Jews killed under Hitler's authority. Williamson, like others, claims that historical evidence doesn't support the idea that Jews were killed in gas chambers. Like many conspiracy theorists, these crack pots attempt to use ridiculous historical sounding rhetoric to make it seem like they know what they're talking about. My reaction to this is basically, "Don't you have better things to do with your time?" which is obviously not the most important question here (another might be, "HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TALK ABOUT NAZI GAS CHAMBERS USING BULLSHIT SCIENTIFIC LANGUAGE AND STILL CONSIDER YOURSELF A MAN OF GOD, YOU FUCKING MORON?") but, I mean, honestly, what the fuck is wrong with these guys. Get a life.

Here's Williamson expressing his views. This is real.

And a shitty Youtube video about it, which is just representative of a bunch of shit out there. Don't watch this if you don't have a very strong stomach.

I like that "Lesson 3" in the above video is "History isn't an exact science." Neither are Youtube videos, which is probably why only a few hundred people have watched this dude's piece of shit. I also like: "If 3 million Jews didn't die here, what replace non-killed people in the current 6 million figure?"

But I do like this video, which attempts to attract Holocaust deniers with the title of the video, but has this silly thing and then a bunch of *facts* about the Holocaust in the "about" section on the right.

What I want to know is, if Youtube can censor pornography, why can't they get rid of this shit?

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James said...

You're thinking of John Paul II. He was Polish.