19 July 2009


New World Order is a documentary by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel that was released in May. They also made a documentary about LARPing (not bragging or anything but I used to work with one of the guys responsible for inventing LARPing). The documentary is pretty good, it's basically just about the culture of conspiracy theorists. They follow a few different guys around, though it's mostly Alex Jones. Alex Jones is really annoying to me, as I've expressed before, because I find him agressively boring. It's just the same shit over and over again, same quotes, same "facts," same footage, same crazy rants. He's just getting a little too mainstream and has too much material for me to be interested in him anymore. It annoys me that he's become the face of conspiracy theorists. They follow a few more interesting dudes, but other than this one kid from Brooklyn, Luke Rudowski, they don't really develop them much. But they do a good job of keeping themselves out of the documentary. There's no bias and no editorializing, and I think it's a pretty faithful representation of the lives of conspiracy theorists, which are, to say the least, weird.

Anyway, I'm feeling lazy, so I'm just going to upload the images I took while watching the movie on my computer in the order that I saved them and comment on some of them.

Alex Jones yelling on his radio show. Some caller is trying to ask him a question, but can't a word through because Alex is obsessed with this creepy southern policemen impression he seems to be doing.

This quote is from the scene where Alex Jones and his film crew are in the hotel where the Bilderberg group is supposed to be meeting the next day and then a fire alarm goes off and he starts freaking out because he thinks the government is coming after them. He says that when they checked in the hotel guy told him that sometimes the fire alarms just go off, which he thinks was a warning or something. He also keeps yelling "I'm in command." It's pretty scary.

This is Geraldo flipping Alex Jones and other protesters the bird because they showed up to his outdoor filming and yelled "Down with the New World Order" or something through a bull horn.

Here's Bill Clinton. He's giving some speech and the kid from Brooklyn starts yelling about the New World Order and 9/11, and Clinton says something like, "This is one of those guys that thinks it was an inside job. It wasn't an inside job. It was nineteen men..."

Joe Biden. The Brooklyn Kid starts asking him tough questions at a press conference and be begins to argue with the kid before smiling and saying, "Get a life." I love Joe Biden.

Young Alex Jones. Not a bad looking guy.

The Brooklyn Kid getting kicked out of Clinton's press conference.

This is an old ass dude named Jack McLamb who started a like separate society or something, where a bunch of old Christian people live together and don't like the government. He also believes in having a militia and says things like, "If you have not bought ammunition, if you have not bought guns, buy them now."

Old couple that lives in John McLamb's thing. They sang a song about Jesus. One thing I learned is that a lot of conspiracy theorists are Jesus people too. But specifically the New World Order ones. I think they just don't like the government or something. Their basically reactionary conservatives. They're cute, but terrible.

This kid is really upset about the New World Order.


Give me liberty of give me death.

A lot of New World Order people also have southern accents. This guy is actually crying.

He was my favorite one. He was very sincere. I felt sympathy for him.

This douche bag in the Hawaiian shirt claims that he was working in the Pentagon when the plane hit on 9/11 and then makes fun of Seth Jackson, the southern guy that I like, while he was handing out literature in New Orleans. Hawaiian shirt guy comes off as a total dick while Jackson very sincerely tries to tell him about what he's doing, but then he seems sort of discouraged because this douche bag is so relentless.

Another Alex Jones quote.

Other non-image based hilights:

The Brooklyn Kid on Alex Jones: "He has sort of like a charisma, he has a very loud voice, and he's not afraid to say what's on his mind."

Irish New World Order film maker describing his obsession: "It's like an oyster with a piece of grit in it. It can't get rid of it and then it makes a pearl."

"We will bring the darkness into the light."

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