28 May 2009

Feminist Conspiracy

I just found a gem: www.SaveTheMales.ca. "Exposing Feminism and the New World Order"

Articles include:
"Nine Traits of Masculine Men"
"Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia: The Next Frontier"
"Overrated: Romantic Love, Young Women, Sex, Lobster"
"Why All Porn is Gay"
"The Scent of Feminist Desperation"
"Helen Gurley Brown: 'How to be a Whore'"


This guy, Henry Makow "PHD" takes paranoia to a new level. He basically attributes anything outside of heterosexual, procreative sex, to a vast conspiracy of media manipulation by the Illumanati and everyone else to brain wash people into being obsessed with sex and idealizing women. Recently I've been accutely aware of how paranoia can rule your life, because I've been out of the country, away from most of the people I know, left to imagine what is happening to all of my friends back home in my absense. It's easy to imagine how one might think that sex is evil if they aren't any good at it, or have had bad experiences with it (hence the Catholic church). This guy is scary though. His paranoia is so deep that he's devoted his life to debunking basically everything. Convoluted arguments about homosexuality and romantic love are obviously the product of the paranoia that seems to consume his life. This is starting to sound like psychotherapy, but I think this guy is a very extreme example of what most conspiracy theorists are, people whose paranoia is so intense that they believe that people are controlling their lives in ways that they can't see. As Makow puts it: "
Popular occulture programmed me for failure." It's paradoxical because it is both incredibly egotistical and a absolute surrender of ego and power. Conspiracy theorists believe that they know the truth that no one else can see or accept, while at the same time they are unable to accept responsibility for the events of their own lives. It's fucking crazy. This dude is fucking crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, buddy. Just because their a are few morons out their who imagine giant feminist, marxist or jewish conspiracies DOES NOT mean they're ALL crazy. MOST people only come to such conclusions when theirs actual evidence for it - like 9/11, JFK assassination or the Gulf of Tonken incident. If you're stupid enough to think that your governments, bankers and corporations would never do anything against you or your country, than you're just as loony as these anti-femenists.