09 April 2009

alex jones/obama deception

I lazily titled my last post "Obamathon" in anticipation of watching a bunch of shit about Obama, and then put it off for a few days. I finally finished The Obama Deception, which is probably the worst conspiracy movie I've ever seen. More than any other I've seen, it's a haphazard collage of theories loosely tied together by the idea that Obama is just the latest installment of puppet leadership put in place by the banking elite in order to distract the masses from what is really going on. Though you have to give them credit for figuring out a way to include the Green movement into the New World Order. This is going to be inaccurate, but I think it has something to do with controlling energy resources or making people afraid or something. They even have one of those guys who scientifically explains why the current global warming is normal or something, after saying, "I'm not a scientist, but..." There's a lot of footage of Alex Jones. He's not exactly not charismatic, but his whining/yelling thing is just a little too much. Also the fact that he's made ten films that are all essentially the same thing. When I see this guy making his face blue behind a bull horn I really wonder what it is that makes him do this. His political position is so radical that no one takes it seriously (there was one cute girl at one of his rally's though), yet he plugs on, film after film. I mean, I assume he's making a living off of it. It's hard to believe that the whole thing could just be a gimmick. But it's not like it's hard. Anyone could come up with his theories, anyone could shoot and edit these terrible films. I still have to watch that New World Order movie, which I thought was a documentary about conspiracy theorists, but is apparently just another stupid New World Order film, but it has given me the idea of making a documentary about Alex Jones, trying to figure out what is really up with this dude. Too bad that would be a huge waste of my time. Anyone, onto the images and videos.

Apparently Richard Linklater likes Alex Jones, or at least thinks he's interesting. I vaguely remember this part of Waking Life. This is the second time I've talked about that movie on this blog. I tried to find out if Linklater actually buys into Alex Jones' theories and stuff, and while I think he sort of does*, he probably really doesn't. A Scanner Darkly is about technology and surveilance taking over modern life, but it's definitely not about the whole planet being turned into a prison as Alex Jones theorizes.

*article is from Alex Jones' own site

This is funny. I also tried to find out if there is any criticism or even acknowledgment of Alex Jones by anyone else, but I didn't find much, other than people who are actually crazier than he is, and kind of scary, like this anti-Semite.

My favorite part of The Obama Deception is the Jesse Ventura interview. Looks like it's from the first section. Ventura compares American politics to professional wrestling. It's all a show, he says, and behind the scenes they're all friends. I wasn't really paying attention, but when did Jesse Ventura stop being the governor of somewhere and become a weirdo who apparently lives in a trailer?

Professor Griff was also in this movie. He didn't make any sense. There were a few celebrities. KRS-One was in it a lot. I guess this happened. KRS was pretty outrageous, but also adept at using metaphor, hyperbole and synecdoche.

Alex Jones uses a few aesthetic motifs over and over. Like all the other conspiracy movies. I wonder if he even bothers creating new source material for new films.

Aren't these guys menacing:

I also like how he aped MySpace:

Is he trying to appeal to the younger generation? I'm pretty sure that's his only audience.

So I guess I'm saying don't watch this movie. I'm not sure if that's really what I'm supposed to be doing while I blog about conspiracy theories, but if it is, then I should say, don't bother watching this movie. Just watch Zeitgeist again.


James said...

Yeah, Professor Griff is crazy. He got kicked out of Public Enemy for saying that "Jews are responsible for the majority of the wickedness in the world."

Anonymous said...

you don't think anything alex jones says has any possibility. you just write it off. Yeah most people don't believe everything he says, but something is clear and that is something is not right with the country. I doubt you would have any inclination to understand that though.

owen said...

I think you don't realize that Alex Jones is just a set up by the CIA to blind us from the truth. People follow his cacamamie theories, while the government is fucking us in ways that we can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, not all of the movie, but some parts of it is truth. especially about "Bilderberg Group".
there are some people that don't know about this group and their agenda. but there are some people that don't want to accept the truth because they don't like it.
and there are some people that are part of them and issues the "conspiracy theory" and says nothing is going on and everything is going well.
i'm not happy about the truth of this movie. but i'm not so fool to ignore them.

Boinkmaster said...