03 April 2009

New Documentaries to Watch

It's been a confusing day on YouTube.com for this blogger. I've been reading a lot recently, which sort of means that I haven't been watching conspiracy movies, but I did find a book called The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories, so I remembered about this whole thing.

That Obama movie is by Alex Jones, who I've been aware of for a long time, but was never really that interested in. He's a journalist who might be considered ever so slightly more respectable to mainstream journalism than say, whoever that guy who made YouTube about Masonic architecture in DC, using white text on a blue screen. But he has a big website and is probably pretty influential within the actual conspiracist community (which still hasn't reached out to me). Anyway, I got confused because I found this movie, which features Alex Jones, but isn't actually about him or made by him:

Which I only really figured out by reading the user comments on the YouTube, so that's not exactly a reliable source. Anyway, I'm excited about watching both of them (full versions also on YouTube), and possibly blogging about them.

Also, I'm excited about this movie, because while watching most of the trailer, for some reason I had the idea that it was a documentary about conspiracist "film makers", which would have been awesome, and something I probably should have thought about doing, but I think it's actually just a movie about the New World Order.

Alex Jones' site.

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