04 April 2009

Fuck the New World Order

Ha ha. Actually I'm getting really sick of the New World Order thing. All the conspiracies in the world leading to the same thing is boring and stupid. I'm watching Wake Up Call which is pretty disappointing, because it's entirely made of clips from other conspiracy movies. And The Matrix. The whole first section is just taken from Zeitgeist, like actually fifteen minutes straight or something, and it makes several more appearances. I'm sort of skimming through the sixteen YouTubes now. The creator, John Nada, also borrows from Loose Change, Monopoly Men, The Capitalist Conspiracy, and just about everything Alex Jones has ever done. Considering that it appears he has done almost no actual research aside from watching other people's conspiracy theory movies, I seriously question his motive in making Wake Up Call. Though his MySpace page does describe him as a "Researcher, writer, video editor, graphic/website designer, truth-seeker, free-thinker, dreamer." So I guess that makes sense.

This shit is like two and half hours long. What the fuck.

More Zeitgeist. I've already seen all of this shit.

Well, I have learned one thing.

This guy, Louis McFadden, is quoted by Dylan Avery as being one of the few US Congressman who stood up against the Federal Reserve Act (which according to New World Order conspiracists is how the banker elite have turned the american people into slaves). But I just read McFadden's Wikipedia page, and apparently he believed that Jews controlled the banking system and secretly controlled the American economy and government. He also supported Hitler's anti-Jewish policies. So... Not exactly an upstanding guy. This is also funny considering Zeitgeist's portrayal of the Bush family's association with Nazi later in the film.

It's scary that these conspiracy theories often converge with anti-Semitism and other freaky shit. I guess the whole point is that these guys are crazy and paranoid. I see it is as fiction and they see it as reality. But it would be so much more entertaining to me if they would come up with some interesting shit. And a lot less frightening and depressing.

Oh, also, this guy, Jason Burke, apparently claims there's no such thing as Al Qaeda, which I've never heard before:

I also really can't get over how stupid this whole RFID/gps chip thing is.

I don't even feel like talking about it. I can't watch this anymore. Maybe I'll have energy to watch that Obama one and the Alex Jones one later.

"That you are a slave Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind."


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dbow said...

I've actually read skepticism about the existence of al-Qaeda in pretty respectable IR/poli sci books. Or, not that it doesn't exist necessarily, but that its portrayal as a global, coordinated, sinister shadow network is grossly exaggerated. For example, it's argued that it's very likely Osama bin Laden was pretty uninvolved in the 9/11 attacks. Proponents of that viewpoint argue that a small group of fanatics probably came up with the plan and largely implemented it themselves, and bin Laden may or may not have even been aware of it. Their point being that al-Qaeda is probably more of an idea that individuals or small groups of individuals use to give their efforts and ideas legitimacy, rather than an organization with a plan that it imposes on its members.