08 April 2009


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I'm halfway through the "Obama Deception" by Alex Jones, which is basically another New World Order movie, with some funny stuff that explains how Obama is involved (which actually kind of makes sense, if you're crazy), when I noticed this Daily Show clip James posted on Facebook. I guess the conspiracy theorists are finally making it to the mainstream, via Fox News, which really actually makes so much sense. It kind of debunks the idea that the media is controlled by the political/financial elite, but it really just proves that Fox is bullshit and is willing to put anyone who has any criticism of Obama on the air.

I'm also doing some research into the history of conspiracy theories, which is pretty interesting, as well as the history of paranoia. The Internet definitely added a lot to the proliferation of conspiracies, but there's some funny stuff from like the sixteenth century too, it looks like.

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